More Publicity

Yep! We got more, thank God.

Currently, we are in this month’s TASTE Magazine (July 2012) – sorry! no online version exists or can be read, so you’ll have to buy the original. In summary, it’s my fave food magazine and I feel honoured to be featured over 2 pages (on pages 44/45). There’s an added bonus too – the recipe of my London Carrot Cake is also featured, so here’s your chance to try it out.

I’m also in the left leaning political on-line newspaper, the Daily Maverick – see link below

A little on the controversial side and of course a bit political but read it and let me know what you think as most of the people who have read it, liked it.

I also gave a radio interview to the BBC World Service for their “Focus on Africa” programme, but I’ll let you know when its published so you can have a listen.

Until then, ciao!