The Scottish Connection & A Few Proposals

Just this past week, it seemed like the majority of people I spoke with at my caffe had a Scottish connection…

“My boyfriend is half Portuguese and half Scottish”

“My family’s ancestary is Scottish”

“I came to South Africa from Scotland and I’m proudly Scottish”

Well! you may not know this but I too (Lameen) have Scottish blood in me too – my mum’s dad was half Scottish and half English. My wife calls it the “stubborn” part of me but I guess that’s why she loves me, eh! BUT, I think it’s the adventerous part of me, as my grandfather got onto a boat at the age of 17 and landed up in Nigeria, got married, had kids, lived there for many years, spoke one of the major Nigerian languages (hausa), even nationalised as a Nigerian, before retiring back in England in the mid-1980’s – now that’s adventerous, eh!

We also had lots of proposals…

A possible movie shoot

A media event

Another interview

Stay tuned for news on which of these come to fruition.