The Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake Has Landed

Well! that was during the week of 12 March 2012. I was in a very experimental mood, and we started the week with what is now one of our most talked about cheesecake, the Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake. See below from Nadia, one of my “cheesecake fans”.

To the Escapecaffe team

Just to let you know that your new Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake may just be the answer to every chocolate lovers dream – it offers that soft cream cheese melt in your mouth sensation with the added bonus of chocolate. With every forkful the flavour and texture changes (almost bitter sweet). I like the mild crunchiness in the base.

 It’s difficult for me to choose between the CMC and the Choc Crumble Cheesecake!

 Well done.

Why mousse ? Because, it was reminiscent of a chocolate mousse. We used real cocoa in both the base and in the cheesecake mixture itself and of course our secret ingredients and style of baking. Well! my wife wasn’t too impressed – because after having got the cheesecake baking buzz because I was trying to impress her, she was off chocolate for March and I decided to bake this cheesecake, which the guys at the caffe were saying was the best – and then she couldn’t taste it…..

But, for now the chocolate mousse cheesecake has left the building, until I get the experimental buzz again, which might be in April again, when my wife’s chocolate fast finishes.

Stop by.


A Preview of our December 2011 Specials

It’s getting to that time of the year again – the END, where we go wild with excitement at surviving another year in tact, meeting with families and spending lots of money buying presents, food and travelling. So, we didn’t want to leave our regulars out, so here are our December Specials:

FRENCH KISS – A COFFEE AND A CROISSANT FOR R25 (valid every morning from 7am -10am)

CHRISTMAS LUNCH FOR R99* (minimum booking 6 people, but for orders less than 6, R119) So, what do you get ?

roast chicken with honey roasted vegetables and oven baked rosemary potatoes

roasted vegetables, gorgonzola cheese and apples wrapped in puff pastry (veggie option)

chocolate brownies and ice cream

one juice 

one coffee

Conditions: Book 3 days in advance and R50 deposit

SPEND R80 & GET A FREE COFFEE OF ANY KIND ON YOUR NEXT VISIT (valid December 2011 to end January 2012)

So, hope to see you soon grazing around our shores on 130 Bree Street, ciao !

Not Very Good at This….

I mean keeping my blog updated about what’s happening @ Escape Caffe.

But… lots happened and in a nutshell;

We survived one year and had fun during our one year old birthday in which we offered organic milk for the day, 13 September 2011 and made double chocolate cake.

Due to all the publicity we got, thank God, our sales have jumped 35-40%, Yipee !

We’ve recruited two more staff, because just the 3 of us, wasn’t cutting it anymore. So glad to be contributing towards the economy by giving people jobs

We’ve changed our menu again – I like to keep things fresh, FRESH…, so we now offer scrambled eggs for breakfast, a sandwich of the day and a grub of the day

We get lots of new customers everyday

We sort of offer espresso/barista training – we’ve done two and we did one for 14 people. For 10 or more, we charge R200 per head and for 1-9 people, we charge R600 (including a free bag of 250g coffee).

We’ve changed coffee suppliers and although daunting at the beginning, it seems to have worked as we now get a lot more compliments and our regulars drink more than more cup.

I’m thinking of roasting and I’m thinking of expanding (not franchising), so INVESTORS PLEASE COME AND SEE ME.

We are thinking of opening on Saturdays from December 2011 and January 2012, so call to find out.

Now, I think it’s off to bed after a week of only 4-5 hours sleep per night, ciao !


Wow ! What a Week

Yes ! wow ! what a week and I have to say way beyond my expectations.

OK! so the premise for the publicity comes down to this “the only caffe in the World owned and managed by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, who is passionate about coffee and baking delicious cakes“.

It all started on twitter way back in late June when I invited a foodie expert, Sonia Cabano to visit my caffe and taste the cheesecake. She visited us in mid-July, tasted the cheesecake and said, “wow ! I think this is the best cheesecake in Cape Town” She then wrote a story about us in the primary Afrikaans newspaper, Die Burger, in which we got a full spread, including pics of my family.

This story got picked up by the main English speaking Sunday paper, Sunday Times, who published another article “Nuclear Boffin turns his energy to coffee” about me on Sunday 14 August. Nice article but they got my birth place wrong – it’s Basle, Switzerland.

On Monday, we were published in the Cape Town city newspaper, City Views under the heading “Escape Caffe will take you places” we are on Page 5 of this PDF link.

Then on Tuesday 16 August I got a phone call from the number one DJ of Goodhope FM, Nigel Pierce and did a Live show.

By Wednesday 17 August in the morning, the former university, Leicester University in England had me on their feature page.

On Wednesday 17 August, I got a phone call from the only  held national TV station, ETV, because their reporter Tanya Nedjt wanted to do a small snippet on me for Prime Time TV news.

On Thursday, I had an interview with Cape Town Magazine (largest on-line magazine & popular with European tourists)

On Thursday between 11:15am and 1pm we had our TV shoot at the caffe and at 7:28pm we were on prime time TV news. There isn’t a link, but I’m trying to get the DVD.

On Friday, 19 August, we smashed our sales record.

So, what a week. Just praying that more people come by to see what we are doing and a big thank you to all our loyal customers.

Thank God !

Our New Food Menu

For our food, we source & use the freshest ingredients and where possible free range and organic. we believe food should be exciting, so every now and then we may change something, but we will keep your favourties constant such as our super moist brownies, carrot cake, our selection of very french buttery croissants and spanish chicken mayo. ALL OUR FOOD IS HALAAL TOO.


French Croissants Using Imported French Flour                 

Plain                                                                                   R13

With our jam                                                                        R14

With Cheese                                                                         R15

With Cheese & Plum Onion Chutney                                    R20

Melted Cheese and Pastrami                                                       R23

Almond Croissants                                                                        R15


With jam                                                                                          R12

With Cheese & Tomato                                                                        R15


Escape Luxury Granola (100g)                                    R22

(served with yoghurt, fresh fruit and/or milk)

Fruity Muesli                                                                        R15

Large Muffins                                                                                R18



We only use FREE RANGE EGGS and high quality ingredients for our baked treats. We invite you to escape with your taste buds with a selection of sweet things baked in the caffe for you, so expect……


Becoming Famous Cheesecakes – based on Lameen’s 5 year recipe,

often described by those who taste it as the best yet & by one famous

food writer as the best in the Cape, so spoil yourself                                     R30


Chocolate Brownies (using real chocolate)                                               R15

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting                                                                 R20

Banana & Vanilla Soaked Raisin Bread                                                        R15


We love baking, so sometimes we might have something different but tasty nevertheless.


sandwiches & more


Kay-sa-diya – Grilled Spanish Chicken, cheese, red onions & spices grilled in TORTILLA, so that it melts                  (Cape Town Exclusive)                                                      R35

Jessie Loves Greek – Our Greek sandwich, with FETA cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion &lettuce                  (on rye, R28)                  (baguette, R35)

Bring it on NY – TRIPLE stacked rye club sandwich with beef pastrami, provolone cheese, gherkins & mayo mustard                                                      R30



Spanish Chicken Mayo Baguette (using our special aioli)                            R35

Escape to New York – beef pastrami, gherkins & cheese melt panini                  R38

Bella Provolone – provolone cheese, sundried tomatoes panini                   R32

A French Affair – brie cheese, tomatoes & rocket croissant                           R25



Escape Chunky Chicken Salad                                                                         R35

Greek Feta Salad                                                                                           R35


SOUPS, served with bread (ask us for our daily offerings)                                    R25



We promise a special lunchtime treat, so feel free to ask us but we think you’ll like stuff we have on offer such as 3 layer lasagna, tortilla pizza and more, hmmm !




We serve fresh food. If what you want is not available, we apologise. Please let us know so that we can make or order more for the next day and maybe come a little earlier in the day. Also, if for some reason you are not happy, tell us. We’d rather sort things out now.