More Publicity

Yep! We got more, thank God.

Currently, we are in this month’s TASTE Magazine (July 2012) – sorry! no online version exists or can be read, so you’ll have to buy the original. In summary, it’s my fave food magazine and I feel honoured to be featured over 2 pages (on pages 44/45). There’s an added bonus too – the recipe of my London Carrot Cake is also featured, so here’s your chance to try it out.

I’m also in the left leaning political on-line newspaper, the Daily Maverick – see link below

A little on the controversial side and of course a bit political but read it and let me know what you think as most of the people who have read it, liked it.

I also gave a radio interview to the BBC World Service for their “Focus on Africa” programme, but I’ll let you know when its published so you can have a listen.

Until then, ciao!


The Scottish Connection & A Few Proposals

Just this past week, it seemed like the majority of people I spoke with at my caffe had a Scottish connection…

“My boyfriend is half Portuguese and half Scottish”

“My family’s ancestary is Scottish”

“I came to South Africa from Scotland and I’m proudly Scottish”

Well! you may not know this but I too (Lameen) have Scottish blood in me too – my mum’s dad was half Scottish and half English. My wife calls it the “stubborn” part of me but I guess that’s why she loves me, eh! BUT, I think it’s the adventerous part of me, as my grandfather got onto a boat at the age of 17 and landed up in Nigeria, got married, had kids, lived there for many years, spoke one of the major Nigerian languages (hausa), even nationalised as a Nigerian, before retiring back in England in the mid-1980’s – now that’s adventerous, eh!

We also had lots of proposals…

A possible movie shoot

A media event

Another interview

Stay tuned for news on which of these come to fruition.


Our New Menu… Yum!

Yay! We launched our new menu today, to resonate with the beginning of the Southern Hemisphere Winter here in Cape Town. So, what’s new:

On the Drinks Side:

A Long White (a very short Americano, topped with steamed milk)

A White Mocca (traditional mocca, but using white chocolate)

Coffee of the Week (a selection of highly priced coffees, which you can have with your favourite type of coffee for an additional R5) – At the moment, we have linked up with famous London based coffee roasters, Union Hand Roasted, sister shop in Cape Town, to provide these priced coffees on a weekly basis)


On the Food Side:

Espresso French Toast, served with creme fraiche (only on Saturdays)

Chocolate and Almond Granola

Brioche Rolls (in summary, brioche is made with a dough comprised of egg yolks, butter, milk and sugar) – nice compliment with coffee in the mornig and tres (very) French.

In season Avocado on Sourdough Toast, topped with chilli flakes and olive oil

A more focused Grub of the Day with Burgers served every Wednesdays and more hot meals planned for the coldish Winter


Winter Salads

And More…. as we liked to be inspired.

So, feel free to pop over for some new and of course customer favourites.


We are trying Saturdays

We constantly get phone calls enquiring whether we are open on Saturdays and so we are responding to potential customer pressure and will again try opening every Saturday’s as from 14 April 2012. We plan to open from 10am-1pm for breakfast, coffee and relaxing.

We will still have our regular coffee tasting events, but this will take place once a month, costing R40 per person, which will include a coffee of your choice.

Looking forward to your support this Saturday, ciao !

A Preview of our December 2011 Specials

It’s getting to that time of the year again – the END, where we go wild with excitement at surviving another year in tact, meeting with families and spending lots of money buying presents, food and travelling. So, we didn’t want to leave our regulars out, so here are our December Specials:

FRENCH KISS – A COFFEE AND A CROISSANT FOR R25 (valid every morning from 7am -10am)

CHRISTMAS LUNCH FOR R99* (minimum booking 6 people, but for orders less than 6, R119) So, what do you get ?

roast chicken with honey roasted vegetables and oven baked rosemary potatoes

roasted vegetables, gorgonzola cheese and apples wrapped in puff pastry (veggie option)

chocolate brownies and ice cream

one juiceĀ 

one coffee

Conditions: Book 3 days in advance and R50 deposit

SPEND R80 & GET A FREE COFFEE OF ANY KIND ON YOUR NEXT VISIT (valid December 2011 to end January 2012)

So, hope to see you soon grazing around our shores on 130 Bree Street, ciao !

Not Very Good at This….

I mean keeping my blog updated about what’s happening @ Escape Caffe.

But… lots happened and in a nutshell;

We survived one year and had fun during our one year old birthday in which we offered organic milk for the day, 13 September 2011 and made double chocolate cake.

Due to all the publicity we got, thank God, our sales have jumped 35-40%, Yipee !

We’ve recruited two more staff, because just the 3 of us, wasn’t cutting it anymore. So glad to be contributing towards the economy by giving people jobs

We’ve changed our menu again – I like to keep things fresh, FRESH…, so we now offer scrambled eggs for breakfast, a sandwich of the day and a grub of the day

We get lots of new customers everyday

We sort of offer espresso/barista training – we’ve done two and we did one for 14 people. For 10 or more, we charge R200 per head and for 1-9 people, we charge R600 (including a free bag of 250g coffee).

We’ve changed coffee suppliers and although daunting at the beginning, it seems to have worked as we now get a lot more compliments and our regulars drink more than more cup.

I’m thinking of roasting and I’m thinking of expanding (not franchising), so INVESTORS PLEASE COME AND SEE ME.

We are thinking of opening on Saturdays from December 2011 and January 2012, so call to find out.

Now, I think it’s off to bed after a week of only 4-5 hours sleep per night, ciao !