Not Very Good at This….

I mean keeping my blog updated about what’s happening @ Escape Caffe.

But… lots happened and in a nutshell;

We survived one year and had fun during our one year old birthday in which we offered organic milk for the day, 13 September 2011 and made double chocolate cake.

Due to all the publicity we got, thank God, our sales have jumped 35-40%, Yipee !

We’ve recruited two more staff, because just the 3 of us, wasn’t cutting it anymore. So glad to be contributing towards the economy by giving people jobs

We’ve changed our menu again – I like to keep things fresh, FRESH…, so we now offer scrambled eggs for breakfast, a sandwich of the day and a grub of the day

We get lots of new customers everyday

We sort of offer espresso/barista training – we’ve done two and we did one for 14 people. For 10 or more, we charge R200 per head and for 1-9 people, we charge R600 (including a free bag of 250g coffee).

We’ve changed coffee suppliers and although daunting at the beginning, it seems to have worked as we now get a lot more compliments and our regulars drink more than more cup.

I’m thinking of roasting and I’m thinking of expanding (not franchising), so INVESTORS PLEASE COME AND SEE ME.

We are thinking of opening on Saturdays from December 2011 and January 2012, so call to find out.

Now, I think it’s off to bed after a week of only 4-5 hours sleep per night, ciao !



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