Wow ! What a Week

Yes ! wow ! what a week and I have to say way beyond my expectations.

OK! so the premise for the publicity comes down to this “the only caffe in the World owned and managed by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, who is passionate about coffee and baking delicious cakes“.

It all started on twitter way back in late June when I invited a foodie expert, Sonia Cabano to visit my caffe and taste the cheesecake. She visited us in mid-July, tasted the cheesecake and said, “wow ! I think this is the best cheesecake in Cape Town” She then wrote a story about us in the primary Afrikaans newspaper, Die Burger, in which we got a full spread, including pics of my family.

This story got picked up by the main English speaking Sunday paper, Sunday Times, who published another article “Nuclear Boffin turns his energy to coffee” about me on Sunday 14 August. Nice article but they got my birth place wrong – it’s Basle, Switzerland.

On Monday, we were published in the Cape Town city newspaper, City Views under the heading “Escape Caffe will take you places” we are on Page 5 of this PDF link.

Then on Tuesday 16 August I got a phone call from the number one DJ of Goodhope FM, Nigel Pierce and did a Live show.

By Wednesday 17 August in the morning, the former university, Leicester University in England had me on their feature page.

On Wednesday 17 August, I got a phone call from the only  held national TV station, ETV, because their reporter Tanya Nedjt wanted to do a small snippet on me for Prime Time TV news.

On Thursday, I had an interview with Cape Town Magazine (largest on-line magazine & popular with European tourists)

On Thursday between 11:15am and 1pm we had our TV shoot at the caffe and at 7:28pm we were on prime time TV news. There isn’t a link, but I’m trying to get the DVD.

On Friday, 19 August, we smashed our sales record.

So, what a week. Just praying that more people come by to see what we are doing and a big thank you to all our loyal customers.

Thank God !


One comment on “Wow ! What a Week

  1. Naadia says:

    It was after reading the Cape Town Magazine article that I discovered and can now attest to the best cheesecake, not only in Cape Town, but in the world, amongst other delicious delicacies! May your business be blessed with a continued increase in rizq / sustenance, isa.

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