Now Launching: Our Coffee Flights OR Free Coffee Tasting

So, what’s new ? I should have mentioned that on the first Saturday of every month, we’ve started free coffee tasting at Escape Caffe (erm ! where else ?) from 10am to 12pm. We had the first one on Saturday 7 May, in which I featured coffees from my recent trip to London. We guest espresso’d (a new word) Square Mile Coffee Roasters SPRING ESPRESSO (courtesy of Annete, thanks a million miles away) and St Ali’s CULT OF DONE (Tim Styles first batch). It was really exciting to see a better than expected turn out, with close to 40 people all vying to fit into our official maximum capacity of 28 people in our cafe.

So, I had to give this little talk about the coffees on offer and we did the traditional tasting thing:

(1) very coarse grind of 20g coffee mixed with 250ml hot water

(2) everyone comes around to sniff

(3) some bold ones wanted to taste straight away, fair enough

(4) made espresso and piccolo shots for everyone, asking them which they preferred and

(5) offering them the coffees to purchase at full price (well ! we’ve got to make some money)

It went well, as people stayed for about an hour or so, bought the little bit of food I had on offer, and left by 12:30pm.

For the second one, 4 June 2011. We featured to very different but nevertheless exceptional coffees, Kenyan Karimikui (how can you not fall in love with the smell) and Panamanian Los Lajones (very high in demand and expensive too). BUT, this time I decided to be a bit more professional, printing out for everyone a “coffee tasting pamplet” SEE NEW PAGE FOR THE BLOG and talking a little more about the coffees and how to taste coffee.

Again, we had a similar crowd, but with better logistics, I changed to procedure to be more like:

(1) smell coffee beans

(2) smell freshly ground beans

(3) smell freshly ground beans mixed with exact water ratio

(4) taste the coffee you want (the large Spanish contingent preferred Los Lajones, which had very tropical tones)

(5) If you love, buy a bag (OK! we sold two bags, but I can gladly report, that we sold out of the remaining yesterday, even the expensive Los Lajones, retailing at R93 (or US$13.70) for 250g.

After which, our guests got to buy coffee, as we had the new harvest on offer and this time I had more food, including the ever popular, if you are in England, Victoria Sandwich Sponge Cake, and it’s sandwiched with jam and freshly whipped cream (people kept on asking, what’s a sandwich cake, you mean with chicken ? Erm ! never.). So, although, we had slightly less people – still an impressive 25 people – we sold more coffee and more food.

The next coffee flight (fly away with your senses) is scheduled for Saturday 2 July, so see you at escape caffe, ciao.


2 comments on “Now Launching: Our Coffee Flights OR Free Coffee Tasting

  1. Yolanda says:

    Hey, When’s the next coffee tasting happening at Ecape?

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