Escape Caffe: Coffee News

A double shot ? Well ! We’ve got some news for you. If you follow the coffee market, you’ll know that prices are on the up, up, up.

In summary, a price adjustment. FIRST UP, it’s about the weather, as coffee is a fruit that needs good weather conditions to grow, so bad weather like hail and frost, affect the harvest and reduce the amount of coffee available – this happened in Colombia and is predicted to happen in Brazil. SECOND – This is where economics comes into it. So, now the farmers have less coffee to sell but people all over the World want more coffee (demand is up between 15-20%), so the farmers/countries/buyers, etc increase their price. This is fair, because coffee farmers get so little money for their precious crop.

THIRD – with the global financial crisis (and yes there is one, just take a trip to the USA or/and Europe) investors are putting their money into things that are likely to sell, and coffee is one of them. This means more people are trying to buy coffee and you guessed it, this pushes the prices up again.

BUT don’t worry, we get our beans from a very astute roaster (Renato of Espresso Lab) who thinks ahead and has bought coffee for most of the year, if not all of it, provided of course that Escape Caffe doesn’t become the most popular caffe in Cape Town, which would mean that we need more coffee, Hmm !

We plan to offer our “Louis Vuitton” of coffee by increasing our coffee prices by 10% from MONDAY 23 MAY, and will match this price increase by making your “escape” experience even more pleasurable and if you are a mathematician, perhaps you would like to measure whether our service has increased by 10%, hmmm !

So, back to the double shot and in case you don’t know, we serve all our coffees using a double shot and cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites will now be R20 each – a R2 increase.

Thank you for understanding this predicament and we look forward to serving you great coffee today and always.

Ciao !


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