The Best Espresso in Cape Town ?

Well ! I would love such a title and that’s no lie, but that’s exactly what Enrico Wurm, Sales Manager of La Marzocco said on his visit today at our caffe. For those who don’t know, La Marzocco are probably the best espresso machine makers in the World. I won’t go into the technicalities, but if you want more info, see my blog here. In any case and some may say crazy, when I was researching where to have my coffee shop in the World, one criteria was access to a La Marzocco espresso machine and yep! I wouldn’t have considered moving to Cape Town if there was no La Marzocco machine here, but alas there was sort of easy access to one and that’s why I’m here amongst many other reasons, plus it was written and so ordained by the Most High.

So, were where we ? Yes ! Enrico was in Cape Town to show the latest addition to the La Marzocco family, the Strada and yes this probably is the best espresso machine in the World – I’ll only write about it when I see, shoot and read about it. I took the opportunity to invite him to my cafe and was very pleasantly surprised to see him walk through the door (accompanied by Dayne of Gourmet Coffee) this afternoon. I don’t really get excited but today I kinda lost it a bit and I think my staff were like “what’s got into the boss…?”. Anyway, after a few words, he naturally asked for a single shot espresso and on first sip was pleasantly surprised and said “this is the best single espresso I’ve tasted in Cape Town” Yipee ! OK! I must contain myself. He also loved the decor, took pics and said he was really happy he stopped by. So my baristi were very excited and got him to sign our postcard (above).

I tried to get a good photo with Enrico and I but my barista, Kyle’s skills, didn’t extend to using my Nikon D60, so I just took one myself.

So we didn’t have a bustling high tunrover day today, but to get such a visit and a compliment, totally made our day.

Thanks Enrico and thanks La Marzocco.



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