Happy. New. Year

I know it’s not the first post of 2011 from me, but so far it’s been looking up for us. Seems there’s a buzz in the air about us, thank God. Today was a good day and I just wanted to share that with any readers, so what happened ?

Sold the most dessert in one day since we opened (I think ?) Why ? Well ! I now do mini-cheesecakes as it turned out that most the ladies that walk into the cafe, feel guilty about eating a slice. Also, I got more mature clients today and by that I don’t mean above 50. I mean people not scared to treat themselves with a slice of cake, so I sold a few slices of my chocolate and almond cake with whipped cream – yum !

We got lots of passer bys – unusual because although we are in the heart of town our street is visited by people that know where they are going. It was good to see all sorts coming by like tourists and nearby office workers, leaving with smiles on their face.

Although it was quiet between 8 and 9am, after that we got someone in and out like every 10 minutes. OK ! we didn’t break our coffee sales record, nor our food sales record but we got lots of customers and interaction with people – always a bonus.

We got our longest trekkers – what ? Well in Cape Town, people often don’t walk longer than 2-5 minutes to get lunch, so I was very surprised when 3 ladies walked in after having walked for over 15 minutes in 26C heat to try our coffee and went beserk with our interior decor “Lekker”  that’s a common phrase here for “cool”.

A paradox – we were sort of excited when we were told our nearest competitor has started a coffee price war, because it means that they are taking notice of us. Puzzling ! because they have like 4 times more customers than us, are more famous and sell coffee at a lower price than us. Sure we had a promo for the first 11 days of 2011, but with the exception of a weekly offer on cappuccinos and lattes, we know that our price in the city at least is near the top, because we know we get the best coffee and cannot sell ourself short. Wish us luck !

OK ! on the money side it was the highest turnover for about 6 weeks, yipee !

I just wanted to share this with you and thank God for sending us all those happy customers.



2 comments on “Happy. New. Year

  1. Edward Walsh says:

    Hi Lameen! All looks fantastic and would love to come and sample the delights. Being married to an Italian, i’m sure i’d be hooked. Give me a shout! All the very best, Edouard de Bethany 😉

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