So, we opened this week softly

We don’t have a till nor a credit card machine, so we had to improvise. Hey ! we’ve dreamt about this for over 5 years, moved the family down here and the shop’s been ready for 2 weeks, so we didn’t let a simple cash register get in our ay (we ordered it over 2 weeks ago) and we just went for it.

We’re using 2 coffees at the mo. It sounds complicated but it’s fun and exciting for us. We’ve got an organic espresso blend for espresso and cortados – more flavourful and a darker roast for more milk based espressos like our signature drink – the triplo

Step inside


4 comments on “So, we opened this week softly

  1. coffeehunter says:

    Beautiful photography. I see you have a lot of US roasters on your blogroll (Stumptown, Intelligentsia etc). Recommend you check out Blue Bottle as well. Best of luck in Cape Town!

    • lameen71 says:

      Thanks. I’ve heard a lot about Blue Bottle but I’ve never tasted their coffee or been in contact with them, I didn’t add them. Are you related to Elan from Cape Town ?

  2. coffeehunter says:

    I am indeed. But both Elan and I started to appreciate coffee while living in Australia. The coffee culture there is superb.

  3. Lameen says:

    I saw Elan today and hope when he goes to NY you take him to Cafe Grumpy.

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