Oops, Week 3

Sorry about that… I almost forgot about week 3, which is about to end and go into week 4. OK ! so what happened ? It was freezing cold and I pray that once the caffe is opened, the winter months of June, July and August will bring tons of people through the door to stay warm with some great coffee and of course great company. There was lots to do and to be honest I can’t remember all of it, but in summary, I was still looking for staff, I had to make many payments and I agreed in the interim to get a second hand La Marzocco Linea 3 Group (I had wanted 2 La Marzocco GB5 2 groups). I also designed a 3 seater suede comfy chair (the wife chose the colour) and I chose the upholstery for the wall seating – still waiting for the nice price before I buy it.

In any case, the parquet floors were laid, see below:

I’m still a bit confused about the coffee but I think I want my own blend – don’t see nothing wrong with that as I’ve got to offer my clients a completely new experience, right ? Anyway I did a bit of research on that, consulting with some top experts and reviewing a lot of top coffee roasters’ websites to get hints and next time I’ll share my taste profiles with you, God willing. Until then Ciao.


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