Week 2: A Yummy Experience

OK ! These aren’t on offer yet at my cafe. Planning ahead, I was approached by a well-trained pastry chef and she offered to showcase what she could offer were I to consider out-sourcing some pastry bits. Whilst I’m not new to making pastry, I am happy to say that I know my limitations, as I can’t possibly manage a cafe, oversee that high quality coffee is always served, bake tasty cakes and pastries and remain sane when I get home in the evening. So, learning from those who know in the business of food and other things, I prefer to let those who know best to do what they know best and so if I want to serve really good pastry and little cakes, then why not get someone to do this, who trained for many years to do it. There’s one exception though, my cheesecake – which my wife would scream if I were to ask anyone to make cheesecake for the cafe.

Back to pastry. So just last week, we had a tasting session at home to sample the goodies on offer. There was a wide variety but I managed to fight with the family to take these pics before they were gobbled down. I really liked the lemon meringue tarts, made with home-made lemon curd in the middle, the Lindt used mini chocolate tarts (no pics as they were the first to go), the chocolate mousse cupcake and the savoury mini-quiche, made with feta cheese, tomatoes, caramelized onions and chives, pic below;

I’m reviewing the prices, but I think I know what I would love to serve to my customers now.

OK ! So what else happened ? First coat of paint was put on (see below)

custom made wall benches were started, electricians came in, parquet floor was bought, kitchen design agreed, custom made bar stools were ordered, another set of bar stools were bought and coffee bar design completed, Wow ! a lot of payments made and progress towards my dream of course. Next week, hoping that the parquet floor is laid, the kitchen build begins and I need staff (barista, baker/food passionista, shop floor assistant), plus I need to buy expensively priced kitchen smalls like food mixers, baking pans, etc. Oh ! I need to order my oven too, buy my under-counter fridge, dishwasher and complete my coffee equipment order. Better go and get that beauty sleep, because it’s all on the go from tomorrow again, yipee !


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